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Why One Student to Another?


Written from the perspective of a college student. Written by David Seybert during his college career, this book is an incredible series of tips given from the perspective of a college student.


The tips in this book have been used by many students and have brought exceptional success to them. The author, David Seybert graduated with a bachelor's degree in 3 years as Summa Cum Laude and without college debt. The tips in this book are a road map to a successful college and post-college career.


Compared to most college advice books, One Student to Another is a guide which is organized into 12 sections, making it easy to navigate. The tips are broken into a structure of the title, 1 explanation paragraph, 1 story or analogy paragraph, and then a call to action.

Feedback on the book

This book is a must-have on your college shopping list. Everything that your son/daughter needs to succeed in school.

University Professor

Incredible book. Made me want to go back to college and put these tips in action.

Fortune 500 Executive

I have never read a book like this one. Seybert speaks from the perspective of a peer, not a lecturer and that makes a huge difference.

Founder, Entrepreneur

A funny video of me from my Crazy 27 Credit Semester (all while working full-time)